Update 2020 We have now been living in Denmark for 12 years on 17 July this year. The children are adults, have finished their education and go their own way, luckily they can still be found at home a lot.

Our concept with the holiday apartments turned out to be a great success. We not only have holiday guests, but also overnight stays from Dutch companies in the quieter period. So very cozy!

Some things have changed in recent years, among others we founded the company JoE design, where we mainly learn to make Danish slippers. We also had a covered terrace built outside for ourselves and a beautiful hut for my (Saskias ) beloved smoker. The vegetable garden has also had a turn, and is now very sleek and very well-arranged!

This year is the first year that we start with all newly renovated apartments. We have been very busy in 2019 to give everything a modern look and a more scandinavian look. The apartments are now all beautifully white with gray elements.

A special event this year is that we become grandparents for the first time. We are having a grandchild in February!

We still have a lot of fun with our guests, and we are going into summer 2020 in good spirits. We're going to make it another fun summer!

We are still ourselves, and our motto is still,
A busy summer is a good summer

Why you should stay at Boysens?


Plenty of entertainment

We'll show you a good time

Marvelous local food

Enjoy the spices from our organic garden

Have fun with the animals

All our animals a super friendly

with us

Ask us for tour and we will bring you!

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Good to know

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  • Free WIFI
  • Plenty of free parking
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