Activities at the Boysens

Activities at the Boysens

On arrival

Every Saturday, in high season, we offer to eat with us.

We offer this to all our guests, so that they can relax after a tired journey. We also offer this so that our guests with children get to know each other. This evening soup is often served with baguette and salad, all homemade by Saskia. A very special Danish dessert is also served to welcome everyone to Denmark.


Every Wednesday evening, we offer our guests to participate in fries day.

Of course fries are served here, with Dutch snacks and a special item that is different every Wednesday. This can sometimes be stew, but also delicious home-caught fish, etc. These dishes are again all prepared by Saskia. Tasty salads are also served! This can be eaten under the covered terrace or at your own apartment. And finally, of course, a delicious dessert is served, with coffee or tea.

Activities at the Boysens
Activities at the Boysens


Every Friday evening, as a conclusion, we have a big bbq with all holiday guests.

Here Saskia provides tasty salads, potato dishes, baguettes and much more. The fantastically tasty meat is also provided. Saskia's famous homemade spearribs are served, but also tasty sausages, steaks and other tasty things! We sit with all the guests under the covered terrace, and make it a pleasant evening! After dinner, a delicious dessert, coffee/tea and some sweets will be served.


Let your kids imgagination go wild!

Often a creative activity is provided. These activities can be very different, but often involve painting holes. While doing crafts, the children receive orange juice and a sweet, and the parents receive coffee/tea with some sweets. Saskia or Suzanne often do these activities.

Activities at the Boysens

Bring the youngsters for a fishing trip

Jan often offers the children to go fishing with their parents. There are special children's ponds where catch is guaranteed! Jan ensures that all fishing rods and supplies are ready, and then they all go to the fishing pond. When the catch is taken home, it is often nicely prepared by Saskia and grilled over the fire.